Fire safe doors – practicality or style?

A question that we often get asked a lot is, is a fire door merely just in place for practicality or is it also something that could be used to add a bit of character to a property. Well the answer in this case would be both yes and no. But as the name “fire door”, would suggest safety is the most important factor when choosing a fire door. In addition to smoke detectors and alarms (which Is now compulsory in order to be able to make a claim on your insurance policy), other protective mechanisms need to be in place to protect yourself, your families, and your employees .

For those who don’t know, the whole point of a fire door, in the event of a fire is to slow down the fires path between either side of the door. There are special materials fire doors are made out of, that allow it to carry out it’s duty. You would usually find that fire doors are a lot heavier than most other doors for this very reason. They also help to limit the amount of smoke that would enter through the hinges and cracks and spaces around the door. This, in general will allow you to access emergency services in time to help eradicate any fires that maybe Karen within your property and will also help limit the damage caused by the fire to your property.

Can fire doors add character and style to my property/home?

At Northwest imports you don’t have to choose between style and practicality you can have both all rolled into one set of doors with over 560 different designs Northwest imports have a range of matching fire doors to include double glazing doors, that will last you at least 40 years with our no-nonsense guarantee.

What’s so special about fire doors?

As previously mentioned Fido is all about functionality. However, saying that there isn’t much more of a difference in appearance to other doors. They are tight fitting and solidly built. However, this does not mean that all fire doors are made equal. At north-west imports all of our doors of FT 30 rated which essentially means that (for 30 minutes plus) our doors can withstand smoke and flames a lot longer than your standard door would.

Where would I put a fire door?

The first question that needs to be answered, is when is it legally viable to have a fire door installed into a property. Here is a list of all the viable scenarios where fire door is legally required:

1) if you run a commercial property e.g. schools hospitals and office buildings.

2) in a domestic building such as flats where they are more than two levels high.

3) where a door leads into an internal garage.

You can also take the common sense approach whereby you install fire doors where a fire is most likely to occur in the house. An example of this would be the kitchen or a living room with a fireplace.

Everything need to know about the installation of fire doors

A shoddy fitting fire door could be the difference between life and death, literally. The most crucial thing to remember here is time. Final that aren’t fitted correctly can and will significantly reduce the time it can keep you away from fire. It can easily go from 30 minutes of resistance all the way down to 5 to 10 minutes of resistance. For this reason it is crucially important that you follow all of the instructions that come with all of our doors at all times.

From an investment point of view fire doors might just be the best investment you ever made. If you want to know more information or you would like help with installing, choosing or recommending the right fire door for your property do not hesitate to call us.

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